In my career, I have had the opportunity to hold a variety of senior positions both in Israel and in the USA.  I have been lucky to work with bright people and to accomplish many things that have significantly impacted the businesses to which I have contributed. 

The bulk of my background is in hospitality and marketing, which means I am great at understanding customer needs and exceeding their expectations across a variety of categories including yours.  I have traveled to 38 countries and I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration as well as a Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration. 

I have been told many times in my career by the CEOs that I have worked for that I am great at motivating teams, and I have a talent for delighting customers.  I am a humble guy, but these accolades have come from people as diverse as Wolfgang Puck and Dror Sharon

Specifically on the Hospitality side, I enjoy training employees, planning and facilitating events and I take immense pride in a job well done.  I love creating unique and memorable experiences. 

On the Marketing side, I have deep experience leading many efforts in my current role at Consumer Physics.  I run the customer success team, the SalesForce CRM system including all customer calls and emails, and I manage many pieces of the digital marketing mix including our site, blog, emails, PR and all Kickstarter campaign efforts.  

Beyond Events and Marketing I have also gained valuable Sales experience in my career.  I ran all operational and financial efforts for some of the world’s best Wolfgang Puck restaurants.  I also founded and launched a 3.5 acre high end special event resort hosting over 250 special events per year.  

Lastly, and possibly most importantly, I am a husband and father of three great daughters.  My passion is cooking fresh food using ingredients from my home garden and surrounding farms. In my free time I am a long distance swimmer. and I used to be a professional basketball player, which taught me discipline and dedication early in my career.  As a young man I rose to the rank of Platoon Commander in the Israeli Defense Forces where I led sixty soldiers into combat.